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X-Ray, radiography and more

Millpark is a fully equipped veterinary practice offering surgical and critical care facilities, kennel blocks, a laboratory, isolation kennels and a pharmacy. We have a large car park at the front of the practice and a good sized waiting room with a high shelf for cat boxes.

Our range of facilities includes digital X-Ray, radiography, endoscopy, anaesthetic monitoring equipment, ultrasound and dentistry equipment - to provide your pet with the best treatments.

We have a wide range of pet food in practice and available to order, as well as toys and pet accessories such as collars, leads and brushes. If there's a specific product you'd like us to order, just ask a member of the reception team.

  • Separate Cat and Dog Wards
  • Dental X-Ray/Equipment
  • Theatre Suite
  • Multiparameter Monitoring
  • Nurse Clinics

Separate Cat and Dog Wards

A stay at the vets can be a very stressful time for any animals and we aim to do everything we can to remove some of that stress. Separate wards means much less stress for both species. Cats and dogs need different calming techniques when they are in unfamiliar surroundings and, keeping them separate makes that possible. We also make sure that none of the kennels face each other so no animal is confronted with another while they are feeling vulnerable.

Dental X-Ray/Equipment

Less than 50% of the tooth is visible above the gum line and we need to be able to check for any current, and potential issues. A dental x-ray allows us to see what is happening in your pet’s mouth, even under the gums, so we can advise on the best course of action. We also offer dental hygiene advice and help.

Theatre Suite

Our theatre suite is state of the art, making sure that your pet’s surgery runs as smoothly as possible, with the best possible equipment. Our theatre suite and experienced staff mean we are equipped for any complication should they arise.

Multiparameter Monitoring

Our monitoring equipment doesn’t just check your pet’s blood pressure but keeps an eye on multiple indicators. This gives us the ability to monitor your pet very closely during their surgery and while they are in recovery.

Nurse Clinics

We have a number of nurses clinics available free of charge for our Pet Health Club members, or if you are not a member of the Pet Health Club our fantastic clinics are also available to book.  For further information on nurse clinics hosted at Millpark vets visit our Nurse Clinic page.

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