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Repeat Prescriptions

Some helpful information

Please allow 72 hours notice in order to ensure all prescriptions are available and ready for collection

To ensure that your pet continues to be treated with the most appropriate medication at the correct dose, we are obliged to carry out re-examinations at regular intervals. The time period between these examinations will vary depending on the condition and the medication. These checks will be charged at a reduced consultation fee and in certain cases a blood test will also be required.

For conditions requiring long-term medication, these checks will usually be every 3-6 months.

All pets must have yearly check-ups for repeat prescriptions of flea and worm treatments.

To order a prescription, please contact Millpark or email us with the pet’s name and medication.

Written prescriptions are available at a separate cost - please contact the surgery for a current price.

If you wish to claim on your insurance for medication, please provide a completed claim form at the time of collection.

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